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To add to the Top 9 Reasons to Embrace Two-Factor Authentication We now have Number 10:


Once again, the people in charge of selling soap have come out with a study "proving" that men need to wash their hands more frequently. In Atlanta, they chose the men's room at Turner Field to gather their "data". This location is an excellent choice to validate the predetermined outcome of their "study". The men's room sink counters at Turner Field are cesspools of what is hopefully water that's been sitting there since the Braves' last pennant win. In these washrooms, I go by the Straight Dope's summation of the study by Charles Gerba:

As Professor Gerba's research would later determine, however, the bathroom was hardly the most dangerous part of the house, microbe-wise. The real pesthole: the kitchen sponge or dishcloth, where fecal coliform bacteria from raw meat and such could fester in a damp, nurturing (for a germ) environment. Next came the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and the kitchen faucet handle. The toilet seat was the least contaminated of 15 household locales studied. "If an alien came from space and studied the bacterial counts," the professor says, "he probably would conclude he should wash his hands in your toilet and crap in your sink."
I have taught my son not to wash his hands there, not that we go anymore -and that's not because it's too expensive or that they are losing, rather it is the constant barrage of incredibly loud commercials, the horrible music and the fear that some creep is watching me in the bathroom, with a clipboard.


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but we've been busy on other things and I have been trying to deal with trackback and comment spam, which according to our ISP was causing a DOS attack. I find that a bit hard to believe, but there you have it. The connection seems to be working again. We also upgraded the web server and added squid and mod_security. Comments and trackbacks are still turned off until I can fine tune mod_security enought to feel comfortable turning them on again.


It will probably be a little quiet around here for the rest of the week as it's the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. I'll still be checking my e-mail via the blackberry, of course :). Thanks to all who have made this a great year for WiKID.


It has occurred to me that you could develop an interesting incentive program for an information security team, assuming that you believe a couple of data points (or can come up with your own) and your primary concern is a data breach. In my opinion, security people are all too often incented only to maintain security - not to optimize the investment in security. Interests need to be aligned.

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