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Download our software token clients here. We have software tokens for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone. PC token clients support Mutual HTTPs Authentication to thwart MiTM attacks.

Windows 10 desktop and mobile token

Please see our new Win 10 software token in the Windows Store: 

Software Token clients for Windows (all versions), Mac, and Linux

Multi-lingual WiKID Software Tokens, with Proxy support and external properties file for improved network management. As of version 3.1.19, the PC tokens use RSA 2048-bit encryption.

If you get garbled text, try "env LANG=C java -jar jWiKID-x.x.x.jar">. If you are running a Mac and cannot upgrade your Java version to 1.6, try this jar or installer.

NB: If you are behind a Proxy, configure your proxy under Action, Set Preferences. You can check your proxy settings in your browser, under Tools, Connections, Lan setting in IE.

'Locked' Software Token clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Locked tokens are tied to a specific PC. The token will upload certain device specific information along with the passcode and it uses a variable PIN pad to thwart keystroke loggers.

If you get garbled text, try "env LANG=C java -jar jWiKID-x.x.x.jar">.

Download the file and run it ($ java -jar jWiKID.x.x.x.jar for example). This version of the token client supports HTTPS Mutual Authentication. The Jar file supports German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (zh_CN). Versions bundled with the JRE are available from the Sourceforge download page. file - External properties file for improved network management - Please put this in the same directory as the jar file. See the instructions here and see how to run the token in debug mode here.

Chrome Token

If you are running the Chrome browser, you should be able to run our multi-OS Chrome software token.

WiKID Android Software Token - 4.0.1 - Commercial Only

You can now use your Android smart phone for two-factor authentication! Download it from the Android Market.
We also have an older version for pre-Android 4.0 phones.

WiKID iPhone Software Token 64bit - Commercial

You can now use your iPhone for two-factor authentication! Download the WiKID iPhone Software token from iTunes or search for "WiKID 64" on the iTunes App Store. NEW: Updated for iOS7!

Test the HTML5 Software Token (alpha)

The latest and greatest in cross-browser two-factor authentication. The HTML5 software token replaces the outdated Firefox plugin. It works fine in Chrome and Firefox. However it does not seem to work on Internet Explorer 8. The token is packaged in a .war file and is available on sourceforge. This software token is perfect for SSL-VPNs, web-applications and "Cloud" services.

WiKID Blackberry Software Token 3.0.11 - Commercial

RIM Blackberry software token (70 kb) - Right click, select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link location and e-mail this link to your Blackberry smart phone for over-the-air download. Alternatively, here is a zip file for installing WiKID via the Desktop Manager. You can also install WIKID from the Blackberry AppWorld. Search for "WiKID".
NB: If you have OS 4.6 or earlier please use version 3.0.8. Curve users need to be particularly aware of this.

Blackberry Instructions:

When you first add a domain to your Blackberry client, the Blackberry firewall will ask if the application can access the Internet. Remember to scroll down and check "Don't ask this again for: [] http connections". Scroll back up and select Allow.

If you are on a BES server and get the error "You are offline or the code is not valid. You must be online to add a domain." and you have coverage, you may need some additional permissions in your IT policy on your BES. Please see you BES administrator. If you're not on a BES server, you may need to set your TCP/IP settings .

WiKID Windows Phone Token Clients - Commercial

Download the latest Windows Mobile software token on the App Hub.


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