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WiKID supports the broadest selection of operating systems in the industry. If you need Windows, Mac, Linux, J2ME, PocketPC/SmartPhone/Windows Mobile or Blackberry, we have you covered. Indeed, if you need a custom client, we can develop it. If you need to embed two-factor authentication into your application, we can do that too.

Only WiKID can guarantee the level of device support required in today's rapidly advance wireless world. Each client device must be able to generate the public/private key pair and connect to the Internet.

Moreover, the WiKID client itself is very small - 30k for the J2ME version. This small size is incredibly important for small devices such as cell phones. It also minimizes the risk of problems during over-the-air downloads.

The client is also incredibly fast, thanks to Ntru's blindingly fast algorithm used in the wireless clients. Key gen times are measured in second and only occur once. Encryption is so fast that network delay is the prohibitive factor, though not noticeable. Each transaction is only 251 bytes of data, minimizing data transfer costs, maximizing speed and assuring scalability for even the largest strong authentication deployment.


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