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Combination provides a robust two-factor authentication solution

ATLANTA, GA - November 13, 2010 - WiKID Systems, Inc., an Atlanta-based provider of dual-source strong authentication systems, is pleased to announce support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for the WiKID Strong Authentication Server.


WiKID Systems has relied on Red Hat products for both development and deployment of our Community and Enterprise two-factor authentication servers since our founding ten years ago.

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, installation and management of WiKID is even easier. A big benefit to WiKID's customers is the inclusion of the OpenJDK in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, an indication that OpenJDK is ready for enterprise deployment.


“Now that the OpenJDK is production quality and included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, amongst many technical features advancements, our customers can skip the extra step of installing Oracle's JDK. At WiKID we strive to make security user-friendly for administrators as well as end-users, so reducing the installation steps is a big deal for us,” stated Nick Owen, CEO and co-founder of WiKID.


Two-factor authentication is a critical service for WiKID's customers. As such, WiKID appreciates the efforts to increase the Reliability, Availability and Security that are presented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The ext4 file system, improved SELinux and kernel and user-space management will be welcome additions for WiKID users. “Customers choose WiKID because of our commitment to open source, our ease-of-use, our scalability and our security. It's clear Red Hat and WiKID share common ground,” added Owen.


In a reflection of this, WiKID has also chosen Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Middleware to be the application server for the next generation of the WiKID Strong Authentication server. With JBoss Enterprise Middleware, WiKID will offer global load balancing via web-services further increasing scalability and reliability.


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