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WiKID continues to expand two-factor authentication offerings

November 10, 2010 – WiKID Systems, Inc. ( is proud to announce the beta release of an HTML5-based version of it's open-source software token, continuing its long tradition of releasing tokens on new platforms, its focus on ease-of-use and its singular drive to offer solutions to the password problem. 

The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a dual-source two-factor authentication system that combines strong asymmetric encryption with Blackberry smart phones, J2ME devices, Windows Mobile devices, iPhones and Android devices - as well as Windows, Linux and Apple PCs to create a secure, highly-scalable and flexible one-time password system. The PC tokens alone come in 6 versions including a Java webstart version for simple token deployment and the new HTML5 token. Pricing for the Enterprise version starts at only $240 per year for 10 users. The Community version is released under the GPL and has had over 50,000 downloads.

WiKID's PC tokens include support for strong, mutual https authentication (although it is not yet in the HTML5 token). The token will validate that the user is connecting to the correct SSL-encrypted website before presenting the one-time passcode. If the certificate matches what is expected, the OTP is presented, copied to the clipboard and the browser is launched to the validated URL, thwarting network-based man-in-the-middle attacks, greatly adding to the security of SSL-VPNs. Mutual HTTPS authentication leverages WiKID's public-key architecture and demonstrates that software tokens can solve certain problems that hardware tokens cannot.

The WiKID Strong Authentication Server supports all the major SSL-VPNs and other remote access systems through a variety of standard protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP and TACACS+. Support for Google SSO through SAML is also included as well as an API for custom applications.

Companies seeking to rein in IT costs have focused on switching from expensive hardware tokens to the lower-cost of WiKID. WiKID combines the best aspects of an open-source project with the full support of an enterprise solution.

Download, Test and Buy Online

WiKID is available for download ( for a 30-day free trial.

WiKID Systems, Inc. is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping companies and organizations reduce their dependence on passwords by making two-factor authentication simple and accessible. For more information including pricing and documentation, please visit

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