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Network Clients can be network services such as VPNs or SSH or another server which proxies the authentication request to the WiKID Server such as a RADIUS server or an LDAP server. Additionally, we provide a simple API and sample JSP or ASP pages for Web-enabled applications using our SSL-encrypted authentication protocol - perfect for adding two-factor authentication to extranets and intranets.

Network Client complete our triangle. Network clients talk to the WiKID Strong Authentication Server via supported protocols. WiKID supports RADIUS, LDAP, and SSL via both a Java bean and a COM object. We also have plug-ins for Funk Steel Belted Radius and Citrix Web Interface. All network clients must have a certificate from the WiKID Authentication Server.

Typically, when a user requests a one-time passcode, they enter it into the network client (a firewall, VPN service, SSH server, etc). The network client sends the passcode to the WiKID Server for validation. If it's valid, the network client grants the user access. For the password reset mechanism, the WiKID Authentication Server sends the one-time passcode to the domain controller as the user's new password, flagged to be reset on the user's next login.


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