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Law firms are under increasing pressure to maintain the same security levels as their clients. They may be covered under Graham-Leach Bliley, the California Database Protection Act, or other regulatory requirements.

Law firms are the ultimate knowledge-based enterprise. In today's environment, law firms compete for clients and for recruits. Providing an IT infrastructure that enables anywhere, any time access to information improves customer service and allows a quality of life that any attorney can appreciate. However, nothing is more important to attorneys than maintaining attorney-client privilege and privacy. To provide appropriate access while maintaining security across international boundaries and doing so in a cost effective way is a challenge.


 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing concern over hacking risks
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing regulation: GLB, SB1386
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing demand for telecommuting
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Deploying an SSL-based VPN increased concerns for authentication
 red_arrow_grey (1K) User push-back on hardware tokens
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No capability for 24 x 7 password resets

WiKID Benefits

 red_arrow_grey (1K) Strong Authentication for remote users
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No additional hardware/token to carry
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Self-service set up for end-users
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Seamless integration into network via Radius or LDAP
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Built-in password reset for NT/AD creates 24 x 7 automatic service increasing billable hours
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Protects Client-Privileged information
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Perfect solution for customer/co-counsel extranets
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Easily add two-factor authentication to Citrix Web Interface

Authentication Costs per Year

Item Hard Tokens WiKID
Password resets $60 $0
Tokens/Clients $25 $24
Distribution/Set Up $7.50 $0.50
Server Software/Maintenance $16.50 $3.17
Total Costs: $109.00 $27.67
Assumes 3,000 users over 2 years



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