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If your WIKID server seems slow, especially if the logging page is slow, you can pep it up a bit by archive the logs and vacuuming the database.

If you would like to  see how big the database is before cleaning up run:

# su - postgres  
-bash-3.2$  psql -d wikid
wikid=# select pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size('wikid')) As fulldbsize;

That will tell you the size.

In the WiKIDAdmin, go to the Logs link in the top right corner.  Click on the button on the right that says "Archive Logs".  Select Zip to save or delete the logs and click the archive button.

Now on the terminal run:

# su - postgres
-bash-3.2$ vacuumdb -afvz

You can re-run the commands above to see the improvement. Note the if you are running in replication, then you need to a '-p 5434' to  the postgres user commands.



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