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WiKID is significantly less expensive than hardware tokens. This table proves WiKID is 30-60% less expensive for as few as 100-250 users!

WiKID is significantly less expensive than key fobs and other hardware-based one-time password systems. WiKID's unique ability to automate the roll-out of users dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership. The table below illustrates this:

Number of users 100 250
Number of Years 3 3

Typical Hardware Key Fobs

Cost per 3 Year Token $54.89 $54.89
Total Token Cost $5,489.00 $13,722.50
Server Cost $6,800.00 $15,180.00
Server Maintenance @ 20% per year, 3 years $4,080.00 $9,108.00
Server Hardware $1,100 $1,100
Token Distribution and Validation cost per user $7 $7
Total Upfront Distribution Costs $700.00 $1,750.00
“Automated” Token Deployment Software $2,760.00 $7,360.00
Total Costs for key fobs $20,929.00 $48,220.50

WiKID Systems

WiKID Server Appliance Included! Included
Server Hardware $1,100 $1,100
Seat License and Maintenance Fees (with pre-pay discount) $5,040.00 $12,600.00
Truly Automated Token Deployment Software Included Included
Total Costs for WiKID $6,140.00 $13,700.00





These savings don't include the cost of lost tokens over the course of the three years and the savings increase with volume. WiKID is also extremely simple to install and configure, reducing testing time and systems administration hours. You can download the server now and see for yourself. Pricing is subject to change.


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