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Company Simplifies Windows Two-Factor Authentication and Extends Transparent Pricing

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- WiKID Systems announced today availability of version 4.1 of its Enterprise Strong Authentication System, the industry's most affordable, inherently secure and reliable two-factor authentication system, including two-factor authentication for Windows Active Directory (AD). Ideal for shared service and privileged accounts, the WiKID solution brings organizations protection today against unauthorized access and escalated attacks on sensitive data. The company is also expanding the coverage of its transparent pricing to include large deployments.

Credentials are misused in nearly 75 percent of all attacks and to that end, companies are increasingly finding that eliminating static passwords is the best defense. However, many are using shared passwords for privileged accounts, often contained in spreadsheets making them vulnerable to stolen credential and 'pass-the-hash' attacks. Attackers steal these credentials to escalate their attacks, gaining system privileges. WiKID's new two-factor authentication for Active Directory solves this problem by replacing static AD passwords with one time passcodes (OTPs). With WiKID, a single user name can have more than one token and still be uniquely tracked. It is also an ideal solution for Windows applications that only support active directory logins and for legacy applications that don't support protocols such as RADIUS.

"We implemented WiKID to secure employee VPN access with such success that we wanted to extend the benefits of two-factor authentication to our customers," said Nick Pileggi, CEH, Senior Healthcare Programmer/Analyst for Populytics. "We reached out to WiKID because our system is based on AD and were given the opportunity to test the new Windows authentication. It is simple, secure and easy to implement. We plan on rolling it out officially next month."

"Simple and strong authentication is at the core of everything we do, especially when adding functionality that is critical for our customers," said Nick Owen, CEO of WiKID Systems. "For the first time, our new Windows authentication feature addresses privileged access management on AD with two-factor authentication for increased protection that is easy to use and deploy.  Why use a password vault when you can get rid of these high-value passwords altogether?"

Secure, Flexible and Reliable Features

  • Inherently Secure: Unlike other vendors that use shared secrets, WiKID is a standalone solution that uses asymmetric keys, meaning that WiKID customers maintain complete control over their authentication processes. WiKID never gets in the middle and never keeps a copy of its customers' keys. 

  • Flexible: WiKID works with any PC that uses AD for login. Although the system will support Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) if it becomes the standard, there is no need to upgrade to FIDO. The system also supports the broadest range of on-premise and cloud platforms in the industry, making it easy to integrate into any network configuration and with any cloud service accessible by any type of desktop computer or mobile device.

  • Cost Effective: WiKID is the industry's most affordable two-factor authentication system and allows users to register their own tokens with provided scripts for added time and cost savings. Realizing that many SaaS companies need a stand-alone cost-effective two-factor authentication solution and that many large organizations are still overspending on hardware tokens, WiKID has expanded the coverage of its transparent pricing to include larger implementations and reduced prices.

Pricing and Availability
The WiKID Strong Authentication System is available today and priced per seat, based on annual renewals and offers pre-payment discounts for extended licenses. There is a 10-seat minimum. To learn more about pricing, visit

About WiKID Systems
WiKID Systems provides the industry's most affordable, inherently secure and reliable two-factor authentication system for organizations of all sizes to guard against unauthorized access to sensitive data by verifying the digital identities of trusted users while maintaining control. Highly scalable and easy to install, implement, integrate, provision, maintain and use, WiKID makes strong authentication a better alternative to passwords for on-premise applications and cloud services from any desktop or mobile device. Founded in 2001, WiKID Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. More information is available at

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