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WiKID offers a number of ways to register your users. The goal is to make it simple and secure. In addition to allowing users to register themselves based on some existing credentials, you can pre-register users in bulk and then allow them to register their account based on a pre-shared secret.

First, you need to create a custom file.  The file goes in the same directory as the WiKID jar file.  The jar file will use it instead of the one compiled in the jar.

Note that you can change the default DNS system and logo if you like.  You must enter the default domain and that preRegistration is required.

Please note that setting "dedicatedDomain" code makes the token a single-domain token.   That is, it cannot be used with other domains on this or other WiKID servers. 

Create a text file of user names and shared-secrets.  The users will be asked for the shared-secret when they start their token client.  You need some secure method to get the shared secret to the uses.

Here's an example of the file format:


The DELIMITER can be a comma, space, or the tab character. These characters cannot appear in the preregistration code or the username.

At this time, the smart-phone tokens do not support a separate file.

Known issue:  The display of existing pre-registration data is  not working. Please use Export data instead.


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