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4.0 WiKID Strong Authentication System is even easier to install, cloud-ready and free for up to 5 users.

November 19, 2014 -- Atlanta, Ga. -- WiKID Systems today announced the release of version 4.0 of the WiKID Strong Authentication System. For over 13 years, the WiKID Strong Authentication System has been protecting corporate assets. For over 8 years, WiKID has offered a free and open-source version of WiKID. Today WiKID is further reducing the barriers to two-factor authentication by eliminating license fees for up to 5 users. The Enterprise version supports WiKID's smart phone tokens and RADIUS integration – a requirement for SMBs and Enterprises that need two-factor authentication for VPNs, web-apps and integration with Active Directory or LDAP.

“We continue to do our part to eliminate static passwords. Many small companies still struggle to find a reasonable solution for two-factor authentication and many larger enterprises like the freedom to test complete products for a longer time-frame. WiKID's free licenses allow them a no-risk way to secure their networks,” according to Nick Owen, CEO and co-founder of WiKID.

Enterprises can start with the free two-factor authentication package and grow as required. The WiKID server has scaled to the thousands of users.

With this release, WiKID is targeting hosted authentication service providers with a solution that is less expensive, simple to install and maintain and yet allows administrators to completely control their environment. With the explosive demand for two-factor authentication, many organizations have rushed into hosted offerings which force an extra login step and don't have required functionality such as RADIUS return attributes or TACACS+ support.

WiKID's 4.0 release features a new devops-style setup and configuration capability. The server can be configured entirely from the command line using a configuration file or via the simple web UI, allowing systems administrators to setup two-factor authentication that they completely control in less time than configuring a hosted authentication service. “Any hosted offering requires software to encrypt RADIUS so there's no such thing as a software-free solution. You can setup WiKID just as quickly and control it completely,” added Owen.

“WiKID is a great product. Working for a non-profit means watching your dollars and how they are spent. WiKID systems has allowed us to cut the costs for providing two-factor authentication without compromising security. Installation is a snap and the availability of the staff to help you through the planning and testing phase and to provide support after bringing the system up live is just phenomenal,” according to long-time customer Joe Van Overberghe Vice President of Information Technology at Otis R. Bowen Center for Human Services.

The 4.0 release also includes a new easy-to-use license management system, easier downloads and a public AMI for EC2 users. Pricing for WiKID starts at $240 for 6-10 seats per year.

About WiKID Systems, Inc.

WiKID Systems, Inc is a self-funded two-factor authentication solution provider based in Atlanta, Ga founded in 2001. The WiKID Strong Authentication System is self-hosted and uses asymmetric keys instead of shared-secrets. Tokens are available for all major smart phone platforms as well as Windows, OSX and Linux. Please visit for more information.


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