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Information for Information Technology Managers

WiKID Strong Authentication provides the highest level of security combined with the highest level of flexibility via the WiKID Authentication domain system. It is very simple to set up multiple security domains pointed and multipe network clients. This capability will allow you to segment your network and devices on one and your IT personnel on the other. For example, you can set up a domain for managing your print & file servers remotely. It can have a 4 digit PIN, a 90 second passcode lifetime, 4 bad PIN attempts and 3 bad passcode attempts (before the user is locked out) and you can automate the set up your Systems Administrators. For your firewalls and routers, you can set up a domain with an 8 digit PIN, a 45 second passcode lifetime, 2 bad PIN attempts and 2 bad passcode attempts and, of course, you can automate the initial validation of your Security Managers. Only WiKID Strong Authentication can meet the intense demand for access and authentication in your increasingly complex network. Your administrators will appreciate not having to carry additional hardware. They already have to carry a cell phone or pager.

If you outsource your IT or any parts of your IT, is the consultant using strong authentication? With WiKID both companies can use a single client to log into both networks. Our ability to easily handle cross-enterprise strong authentication is perfectly suited for today's IT world.

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   Increasing demand for remote administration
   Increasing risks demand two-factor authentication
   Leverage existing wireless/Blackberry deployment
   Must manage multiple systems and networks
   Require scalability and fault-tolerance
   Require high-level of security

WiKID Benefits

   Flexibility in design and configurations
   Support for LDAP, AD, Radius
   Scalable and replicable for fault-tolerance
   No hardware to distribute
   Closes key holes in SSH/remote management
   Use existing Blackberry, Palm, PocketPC or other devices

Authentication Costs per Year

Item Hard Tokens WiKID
Password resets $60 $0
Tokens/Clients $25 $24
Distribution/Set Up $7.50 $0.50
Server Software/Maintenance $16.50 $3.17
Total Costs: $109.00 $27.67

Assumes 3,000 users over 2 years


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