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Information for the Fortune 500

The recent years have produced a 'perfect storm' of a bad economy combined with an increased demand for security. Unfortunately, not many security projects can save an enterprise hard cash dollars. Most are just insurance against potential attacks. WiKID is unique in that deploying WiKID Strong Authentication with it's built-in password reset mechanism and self-service set up can simultaneously reduce costly ($15-30) and frequent (4-5 times per year per employee) helpdesk calls while increasing security!

Most large corporations are encouraging employees to work at home some part of the week. Some are rolling out SSL-based VPNs to provide access to key information without having to deploy or maintain client software. Most Fortune 500 companies have opened their applications and their networks to vendors, consultants, customers and other third parties. All these programs are great for efficiency and morale, but tough for the CSO. How can you easily implement two factor authentication across an enterprise? Across multiple enterprises? How can you strongly authenticate using an SSL-based VPN without killing your potential ROI?


 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing integration with vendors, 3rd parties
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Password resets are 30-50% of all helpdesk calls
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing demand for telecommuting
 red_arrow_grey (1K) High demand for single sign-on
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Don't want security people doing logistics and shipping when they could be doing security
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No budget for increasing security

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WiKID Benefits

 red_arrow_grey (1K) Password reset tool creates immediate savings
 red_arrow_grey (1K) WiKID provides scripts to automate initial validations
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No hardware to deploy to 3rd Parties
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Seamless integration into network via Radius or LDAP
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Strong authentication for telecommuters
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Cross-enterprise strong authentication on a single client
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Authentication Costs per Year

ItemHard TokensWiKID
Password resets$60$0
Distribution/Set Up$7.50$0.50
Server Software/Maintenance$16.50$3.17
Total Costs:$109.00 $27.67
Assumes 3,000 users over 2 years


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