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Information for Wireless Carriers

Wireless carriers face increased competition, number portability, increasing standardization and other intense pressures on their performance. While new networks and devices have laid the groundwork for advanced applications that can greatly increase productivity and effeciencies, there has been little penetration into the enterprise. Wireless e-mail and logistics applications have made a dent, but enterprises clearly have not adopted wireless Internet applications. Now, with number portability looming, most corporations will seek to standardize on the lowest price.

WiKID Strong Authentication offers wireless carriers a unique opportunity to capture and keep accounts. WiKID can integrate with the carriers network to add value for enterprise customers. WiKID offers a hard-dollar cost savings application that generates greater returns with bigger deployments. Not everyone in a company needs wireless e-mail, but everyone needs a password. Moreover, as employees start to use WiKID for personal accounts as well as corporate accounts, the private key on the device becomes associated with that user in multiple locations. While WiKID Strong Authentication is unique in its ability to automate user validation, the more domains a user has, the more likely they are to stay with the same device and carrier.


 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Churn a constant concern
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Sales people need good wireless enterprise applications
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Number portability could increase churn
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  All users need authentication
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Saves hard-dollars right away
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Simple to sell & promote

WiKID Benefits

 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Password reset tool creates immediate savings
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  WiKID provides scripts to automate initial validations
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Leverage inexpensive wireless devices
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  'Drop-in' integration into network via Radius or LDAP
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Strong authentication for telecommuters
 red_arrow_grey (1K)  Employees never locked out

Authentication Costs per Year

Item Hard Tokens WiKID
Password resets $60 $0
Tokens/Clients $25 $24
Distribution/Set Up $7.50 $0.50
Server Software/Maintenance $16.50 $3.17
Total Costs: $109.00 $27.67

Assumes 3,000 users over 2 years


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