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Our on-premises two-factor authentication server is available as a Linux package for RedHat, Centos, Fedora & Ubuntu; an ISO for virtual appliances (or bare metal!); a Virtualbox image. Please see our installation documentation. You must install both the Server and the Utilities packages. Please verify the provided MD5Sums.

Recommended: Download the wikid-enterprise-5.2.1-b2099-install.iso (5f6488eb8cfd86d4bb25917f7041055d) The ISO is a complete operating system with all the needed packages. It is based on Centos 7, but no Linux knowledge is required. Use this to build your virtual (or real) two-factor authentication appliance. It is 64 bit.

Download RPMS: wikid-server-enterprise-5.2.1.b2099-1.noarch.rpm (fc0e4691c3f96251b2b9ad5ca53e01a3).

WiKID Utilities: Centos/RHEL EL6 (a1ceae5060e5a334bea1c70f1b685a1c) or Centos/RHEL EL7 (a80032fd2bd967e03a109bb80c969ed7).

Please get the correct RPM for your arch. We no longer support 32-bit or Centos 5 or earlier.

Download DEBs: wikid-server-enterprise_5.2.1-b2099-1.deb (0f3e87e4cd1e7e0c736f0eec0b595d04) and WiKID Utilities (bc60426f821746b9bb5d2c281d24f279).

See the Changelogs

After downloading the WiKID two-factor authentication server, please see the Installation documentation.