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The WiKID Strong Authentication is perfectly suited to meeting the PCI Data Security Standard's strict requirement for two-factor authentication.

Strong Authentication for Credit Card Processors and Merchants

Mastercard and Visa have the Payment Card Industry security guidelines requiring two-factor authentication for remote access. Failure to comply with the standards can result in very stiff penalties.

From the PCI requirements:

8.3 Implement 2-factor authentication for remote access to the network by employees, administrators, and third parties. Use technologies such as RADIUS or TACACS with tokens, or VPN with individual certificates.

WiKID is a cost-effective way to meet these requirements - especially for non-employee third-parties. With WiKID, there are no tokens to get lost, only a flexible seat license. WiKID can be delivered on a generic USB token or via a software download to non-employee users.


Moreover, with WiKID, the third-party users can be credentialed based on their company's trusted LAN credentials automatically - allowing for tight control, increased security and reduced costs.


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