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Extension in JOSSO enables drag-and-drop integration of two-factor authentication to enterprise and cloud-based applications.

May 24, 2011 – Atlanta, Ga - WiKID Systems, Inc. and Atricore, Inc. are partnering to provide seamless two-factor authentication and internet single sign-on in their respective commercial products. Both companies have long provided identity and access management tools with a focus on security, cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and openness.

Atricore has added certified “point-and-click” integration of the WiKID Strong Authentication System to the Atricore Console available in the Enterprise version of JOSSO. JOSSO Enterprise users can now quickly add two-factor authentication into their SSO infrastructure, for both locally hosted applications and cloud-based services. Users can then use one-time passcodes from their WiKID software tokens to login to all their services at once, increasing security and ease-of-use. The combined solution offers an incredibly fast, in-house “consultant-free” deployment experience, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

“We've always believed that SSO needed two-factor authentication to minimize the 'keys to the kingdom' risk. This partnership with Atricore makes combining SSO and two-factor authentication quite simple and at a reasonable price for all enterprises,” said Nick Owen, CEO of WiKID. For example, a firm with 250 users the combined SSO/two-factor authentication solution would cost approximately $7,500 per year, a price a fraction of the cost of either solution alone from the market leading providers.

“Our customers were requesting a two-factor authentication solution. WiKID's support of open source, their use of Java and simple API made the choice simple.” said Gianluca Brigandi, CEO of Atricore.

WiKID Systems provides LGPL -license API packages in Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and C# for developers to add two-factor authentication into their applications.

WiKID is also pleased to announce that version 3.4.85 of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server includes packages for Ubuntu Linux, in addition to the RPMs for Redhat and ISOs for dedicated and virtual servers.

Download, Test and Buy Online

The WiKID Strong Authentication Enterprise Edition is available for download for a 30-day free trial in all formats. WiKID also offers convenient online purchasing.

The JOSSO Enterprise Edition bundled with WiKID-powered two factor authentication is available for download and online purchasing at

WiKID Systems, Inc. is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping companies and organizations reduce their dependence on passwords by making two-factor authentication simple and accessible. For more information including pricing and documentation, please visit the WiKID Systems web site at or e-mail or call 866-244-1876

Atricore, Inc. is a company based in New York providing budget-wise and time effective identity and access management solutions harnessed by their next-generation identity and access management stack. For more information please visit the Atricore web site at .

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