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Online Banking Solutions (OBS) and WiKID Systems Announce Partnership and Integration of WiKID Strong Authentication With OBS Online Messenger(TM)

Monday October 16, 1:25 pm ET

ATLANTA, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Online Banking Solutions (OBS) today announced a partnership with WiKID Systems, Inc. that offers a superior and affordable solution for online banking user authentication. OBS and WiKID created an integrated, adaptable solution that provides not only a two-factor session, but also secure mutual authentication.

OBS Authentication uses software tokens and public-key cryptography to securely deliver one-time pass codes upon receipt of valid, encrypted PINs and leverages the OBS Java Desktop client for token distribution. Registration of the tokens is a simple, two-step process supported by the Online Messenger web interface. The user is guided through the activation, enabling immediate two-factor authentication and enhanced security without complicated processes and procedures.

The chief differentiator between WiKID and other two-factor authentication providers is the use of asymmetric keys as opposed to single-use devices, smart cards or biometrics. According to WiKID CEO, Nick Owen, "The WiKID system lowers the total cost of ownership of an advanced authentication system by employing asymmetric cryptography, thereby eliminating the need for single-use devices."

On usability, OBS CEO Dan Myers says, "Now that we have completed the integration with Online Messenger, the resulting system is as secure as existing two-factor security systems, easier to use, maintain and administer and less expensive to implement."

About OBS

Online Banking Solutions (OBS) is an Atlanta-based technology company specializing in contemporary ASP-based information delivery applications and Java desktop clients that lead financial institutions to new markets, services and revenues. OBS clients include 3 top 10 banks and 7 banks in the top 50.

About WiKID

Based in Atlanta, Ga., and founded in 2001, WiKID Systems was formed to meet the growing need for strong authentication that cost effectively and easily minimizes the risk of unauthorized online access and helps customers protect critical data. WiKID's unique automatic initial validation system, ease of implementation, host/mutual authentication, and transaction authentication capabilities make WiKID perfect for both VPN authentication and online banking. The company also released an open source version of the product. More information is available at


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