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The Untangle box supports RADIUS for the Captive Portal and L2TP services, thus allowing two-factor authentication.

The Untangle NG Firewall is a multi-purpose firewall. It supports RADIUS for integrating WiKID two-factor authentication for the L2TP VPN and for the Captive Portal. Interestingly, the OpenVPN component does not support RADIUS. We assume you have your WiKID server configured. You will need to add a RADIUS network client for the Untangle box and restart WiKID. Use the same shared secret on the WiKID server that you enter on the Untangle box.

Note (as always) that you can either have the VPN use the RADIUS protocol to process authentications directly by WiKID or through a RADIUS server such as NPS or Freeradius. We recommend this configuration as it performs authorization in your directory (AD or LDAP) first. Thus, disabling a user there stops the entire authentication process in one step.

To start, configure RADIUS under the Directory Connector > RADIUS Connector. Enter either the IP address of your RADIUS server or WiKID's. Enter the shared secret as well and click OK.

two-factor authentication for Untangle L2TP VPn

For the L2TP VPN, click on the IPSec VPN tab and L2TP Optons. Select RADIUS under User Authentication. There is no need to configure RADIUS as we have already done so above.

Untangle - two-factor authentication

For the Captive Portal, click on the User Authentication tab and select RADIUS.

Untangle - two-factor authentication for Captive Portal

Click OK to save the settings.

That's it.




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