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Today, you need strong authentication not just for your users, but also potentially for customers, vendors, consultants, partners, etc. WiKID is the only strong authentication system capable of handling all these situatations, gracefully and securely.

WiKID Systems can lower costs, increase security, and provide unique extensibility within an enterprise or across enterprises. The number of domains a client can support is limited only by device memory. We suspect that the most limited supported device could handle over 60 domains, more than enough for the most active Internet user.

WiKID Strong Authentication

Reduced Cost

  • No hardware to distribute securely
  • No data file to distribute securely
  • Use for LAN password resets
  • Lower up front investment
  • Lower ongoing costs
  • No reader required

Traditional Key Fobs

Typical tokens are expensive

  • Tokens cost between $30-75 each
  • Add at least $15 to distribute
  • Add Server and maintenance charges
  • Add hardware costs
  • Add database costs

Ease of Use
  • Auto-initial validation
  • Simple Web interface administration
  • Appliance server - plug it in and go
  • 'Drop-in' RADIUS and LDAP support
  • Simple API for web apps with COM and Java support
  • No card reader required
  • Less likely to be lost, forgotten
  • Automatic fail-over to challenge-response mode when out of wireless coverage

Typical two-factor is strenuous
  • Each individual token must be securely delivered to each user
  • Dated architecture leads to kludgey interface
  • Seed file must be kept under lock and key
  • Tokens frequently lost, left with laptop
  • Multiple passcodes valid at one time

  • Capable of handling multiple domains
  • Cross-enterprise extensibility
  • Add any number of additional domains
  • Stackable for fault-tolerance and scale

Tokens are old technology
  • One-to-one relation between client and server
  • No good for cross-enterprise
  • Non-employees more likely to lose tokens
  • Time-synchronous tokens can only manage one domain
  • Seed cannot be shared

  • Passcodes only sent upon valid request
  • All security is in the server
  • Asymmetrically encryption
  • 2048-bit equivalent key strength
  • Definable PIN length
  • Definable passcode life time
  • Definable bad PIN attempts
  • Definable bad passcode attempts
  • Definable off-line logins

Typical two-factor is less secure

  • Time-synchronous and event tokens are symmetric
  • More than one code valid at one time
  • Clock drift forces kludgey work-arounds
  • PIN length, passcode fixed
  • Susceptible to trivial "Race Attack"

These days, every IT project has to be high-impact, high ROI and provide for future growth. The WiKID system delivers on these requirements:

  • If you have hard-tokens, there is a potential for immediate cash savings - no investment up front
  • Avoid 'keys to the kingdom' security risks when implementing single-sign on
  • Add strong authentication to your Identity Management program without killing your ROI
  • More economical two-factor authentication means you can deploy to a larger number of employees
  • Increase security while reducing your helpdesk call volume
  • Increase security on your VPNs
  • Extensible across enterprises

If you have partially deployed two-factor authentication, you have seen the benefits of increased security and reduced help-desk calls, but you've been hit by the increased costs of tokens. Deploy the WiKID authentication system to the rest of your employees and phase out of tokens over time as they are lost or fall out of synch.

If you deployed VPNs to allow your users greater remote access to key corporate information, but didn't deploy strong authentication due to costs and management headaches, now is the time to reconsider.


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