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It is very simple to test the WiKID server. 30-day free evaluation is included. Then, the first 5 users are free - so download and install. Then add more users through our certificate/license management system.

The Server!

Our two-factor authentication server is available as a Linux package for RedHat, Centos, Fedora & Ubuntu; an ISO for virtual appliances (or bare metal!); a Virtualbox image. Please see our installation documentation. You must install both the Server and the Utilities packages. Please verify the provided MD5Sums.

Download the latest version here.

See the historical Changelogs

After downloading the WiKID two-factor authentication server, please see the Installation documentationYou must create the certificates, etc. 

Software Tokens

Download the Software Token Clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and J2ME devices. Unlike most software tokens, WiKID uses public key encryption to securely deliver one-time passcodes. We do not keep a copy of your seed. It's a better way to do two-factor auth.


Download code samples and packages for the wClient API

We have a simple API and packages for Python, Ruby, Java, C# and PHP to make it easy to add two-factor authentication to your custom application.


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