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No company is an island.


TelChile es una consultora de tecnología, especializada en sistemas de gestión de seguridad de la información, implantaciones de proyectos TI y gestión e innovación asociados a las TIC. Specialized Technical Partner de Computer Associates Bussiness Partner de IBM en productos de Seguridad TI Partner Network del área de seguridad de ORACLE Chile Nuestro foco de negocios se ha fijado en el ámbito de la seguridad de la información y el riesgo tecnológico.


Hurricane Labs, is a Cleveland, Ohio Information Security firm that provides security monitoring, network monitoring, and vulnerability management for enterprise networks all over the world.

Hurricane Labs is well-versed in all things WiKID having written the Ubuntu documentation and having developed a WiKID Software token in python.

Onsoft IT is a WiKID Value-Added reseller in Italy. They provide Security Consulting, Application Development and Application Management and Outsourcing services. Their strongest skills are related to Security Platforms, Access Control, Two-Factor Authentication Systems and Business continuity. If you need two-factor authentication in Italy, please visit Onsoft. il solution provider specializzato in sistemi di autenticazione forte, controllo degli accessi e piano di continuita.

Online Banking Solutions has embedded the WiKID Strong Authentication System in their online banking software, providing not only two-factor session authentication, but also secure mutual authentication with a convenient embedded token.

Security Innovation is a leading developer of incredibly fast and small cryptosystems for wireless environments. Ntru's key generation times on typical wireless devices are measured in seconds while competitors are measured in hours.

Computer Port IT Solutions offers services like Infrastructure Management Services, Administrative Services, Networking Storage, Hardware and Software licenses, Datacenter Solutions, Web based Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Migration from Windows to Linux/FreeBSD environments, Mailing Solutions, Virtualization and Domain Registration. They sells and support WiKID two-factor authentication implementations for their customers.

We are interested in developing more partnership and reseller relationships. Please contact us if you're interested.


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