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Unlike key fobs and other forms of "shared secret" strong authentication, WiKID Strong Authentication is extremely extensible and adaptable to today's authentication needs.

Counter-based and time-synchronous tokens have a one-to-one relationship with their authentication server. The WiKID Two-factor Client, can have relationships with multiple WiKID Servers. This extensibility can save money internally and increase security externally.

WiKID Strong Authentication 2.0 includes the ability to add a domain that handles password resets for NT and Active Directory domains. As noted below, password reset calls are expensive and all too frequent. WiKID users can have a domain for remote access and one for resetting LAN passwords.

Increasingly, companies are opening up their networks and applications to suppliers, vendors, consultants and other 3rd parties. While these tight ties have increased productivity and smoothed supply chains, they have also increased security risks. Do your vendors use strong authentication to log into your network? Do your employees use strong authentication when they log into your vendor's networks? The ease of deployment and low price-point of WiKID Strong Authentication makes it practical to deploy strong authentication through the whole supply chain. Moreover, end-users can use the same client for both companies. Your vendors will see the same financial benefits as you do, increasing the value of the entire chain.


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