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The WiKID Community Version is a free-as-in-speech two­ factor authentication system. We have included every piece of the code, except code we licensed from 3rd parties. You can read more about the differences between the Community and Enterprise versions here. Note that we now offer 5 Free licenses for the Enterprise Edition.

What's included?

The WiKID Strong Authentication System consists of three parts: the WiKID two-factor server, the WiKID software token client and a network client (such as a VPN, website or other service requesting authentication). The WiKID server is written in Java, as is the open source J2SE PC client. As part of this release, we are also releasing the foliowing under the GPL:

  • End-user self-enablement/registration. New users can provision their own WiKlD token clients based on trusted LAN credentials, in this case, Active Directory credentials. This code can easily be modified for other types of credentials.
  • The wAuth COM object and Java component. Network clients talk to the WiKID server using an SSL encrypted protocol Auth. These objects can be used to integrate WiKID into any application. The file example.jsp shows how easily this is done for Java-based web applications. The Citrix Web Interface and the ASP code for end-user validation show how simple this is for ASP applications.
  • The J2SE WiKlD token clients. The token client is responsible for key generation, domain management and one-time password requests. It can run on your PC, a suitable PDA or on a device such as a USB token. The beta Firefox software token is also released under the GPL.
  • Please see the How-To sectionTab for information on using 2-FactorAuthenticatíon with TACACS+, OpenVPN, Squirrelmaíl and other IMAP services , and FreeNX, remote desktop and VNC.

What can I do with it?

Get rid of your passwords!
If you manage multiple accounts and boxes across multiple entities, can help you reduce your password overload. One WiKID token can work with multiple WiKID servers, so, if you want to get rid of your static passwords, deploy WiKID in as many places as you can. To make this as easy as possible, we have published some articles on how to use WiKID with TACACS+, OpenVPN, Webmail/SquirreMail, and FreeNX (and thus VNC and RDP).

WiKID is great for:

  • Strong authentication for remote access via a VPN
  • Strong Authentication for remote access via Citrix
  • Authentication for extranet applications
  • Locking down internebexposed intranets
  • Secure Online Banking- fight phishing and other attacks
  • Lock down SSH and other admin access
  • Any place you might have used certificates or token, but couldn't because of cost, hassle, etc.


What's so great about WiKID?

  • Easy to use Web Interface
  • Automated initial validation of users
  • Fault tolerance via replication
  • Highly scalable - each transaction is 300 bits
  • Simple user disablement
  • Support for a number of network protocols
  • No need for time synchronization - Request-response architecture
  • Each client can support multiple relationships across multiple servers
  • Extensible across enterprises

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