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Typical, shared-secret software tokens suffer from the same problems that all shared-secret systems suffer from: they are a pain to implement and maintain. Shared secret software tokens are particularly weak, which is why WiKID Strong Authentication uses powerful asymmetric encryption.

Symmetric software tokens - a weak solution

In general, time-based and incremental software tokens have proven to be problematic and weak. Typically, the administrator generates a configuration file for each user that contains the username, PIN and the secret. The file is given to the user. If the file is stolen, the token can be cloned. With time-based software tokens, it is possible to borrow the PDA or laptop, reset the clock and generate codes that will be valid in the future.

Less expensive, but still an administrative nightmare

If you have 500 users, you will have to distribute 500 different pieces of software securely. That's not easy to do securely! Since each user gets a different shared secret in their soft token, each user get a different piece of software that is generated by the administrator!

WiKID Strong Authentication is neither a time-based or incremental token system. It is a PKI fully encrypted, multi-channel two-factor authentication system, which allows secure, 100% self-service end-user initial validation based on existing trusted credentials.


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