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First, check the logs in the WiKIDAdmin. The link is in the upper right hand corner. When the one-time passcode is sent to the token client, the log reads "Passcode Request Successful (128)". After that, you should see entries on your two-factor authentication attempt. If you don't see any, then the WiKID server is not getting the request from the network client to authenticate the user.  

  • Make sure that the network client has the correct IP address of the WiKID server and that it can route to it.
  • Set the log level to debug to see more information. 
  • Make sure that the shared-secrets are correct, if you're using radius.
  • Did you run 'wikidctl restart' on the server after creating the network client? If not, the firewall on the WiKID server might be blocking the authentications.
  • Does your setup work without WiKID? 
  • Have you tested WiKID using the example.jsp page?



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