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In healthcare, HIPAA rules the day. HIPAA is mandating increased access to medical records and increased security. Most analysts agree that remote access will require strong authentication for HIPAA-compliance. Moreover, many health providers need access to information from multiple sources, most of which are different entities: labs, clinics, insurance providers. Patients are increasingly demanding that healthcare services be delivered online - they compare their hospitals to and Delta these days. Many hospitals are rolling out 802.11 networks to provide better access without the cost of wires, but that only increases risks. Meanwhile, healthcare providers continue to be squeezed to deliver for the lowest costs possible.

Most healthcare institutions have gone with a best-of-breed approach for IT. However, this has created a nightmare of multiple accounts and log-ins for employees and doctors. Single sign-on is the goal for these institutions, but with SSO comes the 'keys to the kingdom risk, that one username and password will give access to too much information. WiKID System can protect companies from that risk.

 red_arrow_grey (1K) HIPAA, HIPAA, HIPAA
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing 802.11 roll-outs
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Increasing demand for telecommuting
 red_arrow_grey (1K) High demand for single sign-on
 red_arrow_grey (1K) User push-back on hardware tokens
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No capability for 24 x 7 password resets

WiKID Benefits

 red_arrow_grey (1K) Strong Authentication for HIPAA-compliance
 red_arrow_grey (1K) No additional hardware/token to carry
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Self-service set up for end-users
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Seamless integration into network via Radius or LDAP
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Built-in password reset for NT/AD creates 24 x 7 automatic service increasing billable hours
 red_arrow_grey (1K) Perfect solution for cross-enterprise strong authentication

Authentication Costs per Year

Item Hard Tokens WiKID
Password resets $60 $0
Tokens/Clients $25 $24
Distribution/Set Up $7.50 $0.50
Server Software/Maintenance $16.50 $3.17
Total Costs: $109.00 $27.67

Assumes 3,000 users over 2 years


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