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With the retirement of Centos 6, we have released a new ISO based on Centos 7. This document provides guidance on how to move your users and data to a new server.

Start by taking a snapshot or backup of your existing server. This process is non-invasive on the original server, but better safe than sorry. Since you can do this with the server running, you can do a test run and then do it again, turning off the original server, making sure you have the latest data.  NB: We assume you will move the old server's IP addresses to the new server.  This avoids changing the domain identifier (which requires re-registering users) and changing network client IPs. 

Using the new migrator.jar:

Install WiKID 6 via ISO

Login and run: wikidctl setup

Place the migrator.jar file on your WiKID 5 system and run: java -jar migrator.jar pack

Move the file to your WiKID 6 system.

Place the migrator.jar file in the same directory as and run: java -jar migrator.jar unpack

Run wikidctl start

Manual process:

Setup a new WiKID server.  You do not need to get new certificates or licenses for this server, just run 'wikidctl setup' to configure the network.  Everything else will be copied from the old server.

Second, please archive your logs.  This greatly reduces the size of the database and prevents issues during an upgrade.  Go to Logs > Archive logs on the WiKIDAdmin.

Start on the existing server. Export the data with WiKID running:

# su - postgres
$ pg_dumpall -p 5432 > wikid.backup

(Or 5434 if you are using replicaton.)

Configure the new server and start it to make sure everything is working. There's no need to create new certs, just browse the WiKIDAdmin. Everything else is in the database and will be over-written by the imported data. Stop WiKID.

Copy the wikid.backup file to your new server.

scp wikid.backup root@new_server_ip:~

Also, copy the certs and licenses to the new server (this will overwrite what's on the new server):

scp /opt/WiKID/private/* root@new_server_ip:/opt/WiKID/private/

Note that postgres's home directory is /var/lib/psgql.  On the new server run:

cp /root/wikid.backup /var/lib/pgsql/
chown postgres:postgres /var/lib/pgsql/wikid.backup

Stop WiKID and start the database:

 # wikidctl stop
# systemctl start postgresql.service

# su - postgres

Drop the existing db:

 $ dropdb 'wikid'  

Import the old one:

$ psql -f wikid.backup     

Stop Postgresql so we can be sure the database schema is updated:

service postgresql stop

Then, remove this file:

rm /opt/WiKID/conf/database/migrations/cumulative.sql.done

Now, start WiKID.  You should see 'Applying cumulative schema updates ...' on restart. 

Check that all your users have moved.  Also, browse to Configuraton, Enable Protocol Modules and make sure that you see the Active Directory protocol.

If it all loosk good, you should be ready to run 'wikidctl setup' and assign the new server the old server's IP address. 

Note that you may want to move other files over to the new server as well, such as /etc/WiKID/security, if you have the Wauth passphrase there, and /etc/init.d/wikid. 

If you need to change the WiKIDAdmin password for any reason, run '/opt/WiKID/sbin/ -f' to create a new password.  You can modify again in the WiKIDAdmin.


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