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Javelin Strategy on Business Banking

Read this post on "Business Bank Accounts: The missing features that no one is talking about" for a great summary of the missing features that online banking needs to provide a secure solution for their customers, including one-time passwords.  I find this to be a little dis-heartening as I believe that online banking needs for more than the features on this list. We have often gone on about mutual https authentication and transaction authentication, but it turns out banks are a long way from providing these "advanced features".   Perhaps I should be more positive: Think how easy it should be for a bank to increase their security.

Best Practices

There were a number of tweets yesterday about "best practices".  This took me back to Adam Shostack's post at New School on his best practice: Think.  Now I am throwing my hat in the ring with:

More on PCI: The Costs of Credit Card Fraud

For all the circus atmosphere of the PCI debate at Shmoo, I got the feeling that most everyone agreed:  PCI is getting the worse security offenders up to speed.  There is no guarantee that they are 'doing it right', but most are doing it better.  If the payment system had been designed correctly, then all of this effort to secure payment data would not be necessary.  Sadly, it is too late to fix this because of cost.  Oh, wait. Stop. Actually, that last point was somewhat contentious.

Marcus Ranum on Gartner on Two-factor Authentication

Here's a great post by Marcus Ranum on Gartner's recent pronouncements about two-factor authentication:

Avivah Litan on Two-factor authentication

Gartner analyst Avivah Litan has released a new report on how attackers are circumventing the protections provided by two-factor authentication systems for online banking. I have not purchased nor read the document, just the summaries that have been released.

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