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We think we're on to something and we've built a great company in a very tough environment. Our experience, knowledge and vision have brought us this far and we intend to continue to grow our company and improve our product.

The Idea:

Founded in 2001, WiKID Systems was formed to meet the growing need for strong authentication that can cost effectively and easily minimize the risk of unauthorized online access and help customers protect critical data. With the goal of widely replacing the usage of passwords that are often insecure and expensive, WiKID's industry-unique solution dramatically reduces the costs, complexities and limitations associated with traditional strong authentication product offerings.

The Company:

A self-funded start-up based in Atlanta, Ga., WiKID Systems, Inc. is the pioneer of a groundbreaking new approach to strong authentication. WiKID Systems is the first company to utilize wireless devices and strong encryption as a cost-effective means of strong authentication. The experienced co-founders have worked together before in a previous start-up, which was also self-funded. WiKID is a member of the Advance Technology Development Center, part of the Georgia Center for Technology and Telecommunications of Georgia Tech. The company is committed to maintaining a conservative financial structure to assure cost competitiveness and longevity.

Mission Statement:

WiKID Systems, Inc. seeks to provide the leading strong authentication solution by reducing the cost of authentication, simplifying strong authentication and providing an extensible authentication platform while maintaining the highest commitment to security customers and end-users.

The Solution:

WiKID has developed the WiKID Strong Authentication System -- a unique system that securely delivers a one-time passcode to an internet-enabled device (e.g. a PC or a PDA/cell phone) only upon receipt of an asymmetrically encrypted user-defined PIN. The WiKID solution dramatically reduces the cost of authentication through its ease of use and management. The security of WiKID Strong Authentication is maximized by the strength of its advanced, underlying cryptographic methods and industry-unique design including the industry's first Request Response Architecture. WiKID Strong Authentication provides the equivalent security of a traditional hard token without all the hassles and expense. WiKID Authentication also provides an extensible platform for customers including password reset capability, cross-enterprise authentication, customer authentication, and, potentially, physical access.

Value Drivers/Customer Profile:

The WiKID solution is simple enough for Small to Medium Enterprises to adopt yet scalable enough to meet the demands of Large Enterprises.


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