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The WiKID Blog, musings on two-factor authentication, information security and some other stuff.

iPhone token woes

Last night Apple published what we thought was a minor update to our iPhone/iPad software token.  This morning we started getting reports of trouble.  We pulled the software token from the app store as soon as possible.  The apple store has no option to revert to the old binary, sadly.  If you had the token set to auto-update, then you may no longer be able to get an one-time passcode from your WiKID server.   There are two options: You can delete the domain on your token and re-register or you can wait for an update, which we are feverishly working on.

Busting the Biometric Myth - once and for all

Everyone repeat after me: Biometrics are terrible authenticators.

Way too many people, even security and identity people see biometrics as "magic security dust" for two-factor authentication. It is way past time that we, the security community bust this myth. It is important because, unlike spending on firewalls which is insufficient but necessary, biometric infrastructure will need to be ripped out and thrown away. Any VC that is considering investing in a biometric company is wasting money that could be invested in a company that might make a difference.

PCI 3.0 draft out

Draft guidelines for PCI 3.0 have been released, providing a glimpse into what the new requirements will be.

Notes on Twitter's two-factor authentication

Welcome to club.

We're glad to see Twitter moving away from SMS, which has numerous defects to an authentication system that uses public key cryptography. Since WiKID was founded over 10 years ago, we have believed that asymmetric encryption is the best way to do authentication in the connected world.

SMS, Trojans and Two-factor authentication

I've often said that SMS is a weak basis for two-factor authentication.  It is unencrypted and unreliable. It is too easy to take over someone's account.  I was reminded of it today by this puff piece on American Banker - an ad for RSA's anti-trojan services.  Obviously, RSA sells anti-trojan services and two-factor authentication.  We sell two-factor authentication as well, but not SMS-based.  (We use software tokens that use asymmetric (public/private) keys.)

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