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The WiKID Blog, musings on two-factor authentication, information security and some other stuff.

SSH key management a potential risk

We've long said that while we love SSH, SSH key management is a weak point, especially if you need to meet compliance requirements such as PCI.  Now Charles Kolodgy of IDC is saying the same thing:

Reporting via our API

Reporting is a fact of life. And to be honest, good reporting is good for security. In this post, we will take a look at the reports you can generate via the wAuth API to help monitor and manage your two-factor authentication installation.

Google search reveals private Telstra customer data

A man googling for some information on SMS carrier access codes stumbled upon private Telstra customer data. The data could be used to authenticate a user to the phone company, allowing account take-over.  There appears to be a pattern:

More on user validation for two-factor authentication via our API

In the previous post in this series on using the wAuth API, we discussed how you can create a simple application that allows customer service reps or even 3rd parties in a multi-tenant environment validate users for two-factor authentication. As with all things tech, there is more than one way to skin that cat. The PC tokens support pre-registration. With pre-registration, a list of usernames and pre-registration codes is uploaded to the server. The pre-registration codes are then delivered to the users in some secure manner. The users enter the WiKID Domain identifier, their PIN and the pre-registration code into the software token and they are automatically registered. You generate this list of pre-registration codes - we do not have a copy of them at all. Under the Users tab of the WiKIDAdmin webui there is an option to import a text file of users.

Wisdom about two-factor authentication based on facts

There is one quote in the Verizon DBIR that speaks volumes about the value of two-factor authentication to enterprise users:

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