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Continuing Adam's discussion about men's pants, today's WSJ has a great article on the troubles criminals have with the current trend of wearing excessively baggy trousers. I understand that this is a "prison-wear" statement, but it sounds more like "prison-causing" wear:

Denny Fuhrman, a 58-year-old police officer in Lynnwood, Wash., was escorting a handcuffed suspect to his patrol car one afternoon in 2004 when the youngster twisted free and took off running.

As he bolted, the baggy blue jeans he was wearing fell down around his ankles, sending him tumbling onto the pavement of a busy street. "He was rolling around in traffic, looking like a fish out of water," recalls Mr. Fuhrman.

Still, he managed to run away:

Mr. Fuhrman's suspect wiggled out of his trousers before getting up from the street and running toward a nearby mall, as the police officer radioed a description to his colleagues: "White male, running, no pants, in handcuffs," Mr. Fuhrman recalls saying. The young man was arrested at the entrance of a J.C. Penney store after Janice Lewis, a 61-year-old passerby, grabbed his shirt collar and held on to him until police arrived.

"He was pretty wild," says Ms. Lewis, a grandmother of 10 who broke a knuckle during the scuffle. "I didn't even realize he was in his underwear till the police flipped him over."

My guess is that you need to get even baggier pants to re-establish the street cred you lose when you are apprehended by a 61 year grandmother in your underwear. Vicious fashion circle.

To me, nothing points out that education (and economic opportunity) is the best antidote to crime than how stupid most criminals are:

Ill-fitting pants aren't suited for jumping, either, as Noah Donell Brown of Hendersonville, N.C., learned. The 24-year-old tried to leap over the counter of a Subway sandwich shop during a robbery attempt, but he stumbled and came crashing down in front of several startled store employees. Mr. Brown, armed with a gun, got up and fled into a nearby residential neighborhood as the police were notified.

Police didn't have to work hard to arrest him. As Mr. Brown tried to scale a picket fence in someone's backyard, he caught his pants, according to the police department. He was found dangling upside down, his pants at his ankles and tangled in the fence.

You should read the whole article (if you subscribe), just to see how this ends:

Karl Franklin tried to run from police in Tallahassee, Fla., in pants that were on fire.

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