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A Customer service story

You can see the long version in the IRC logs

Here is a summary:

[8:42] <nowen> Hi _markh_, how's it going?
[8:43] <_markh_> Great thanks.
[8:43] <_markh_>
We are in the process of going through some Information Governance
certification and we have to do some log analysis
[8:44] <nowen> some folks have all the fun
[8:44] <_markh_> of accesses onto our networks. Does Wikid produce some readily aoprseable logs
[8:44] <_markh_> parseable
[8:44] <_markh_> of access grant / deny for each network client?
[8:45] <_markh_> yeah, real fun...
[8:45] <_markh_> but it has to be done. The National Health Service just _love_ documentation.

So this is a great feature request!  Since it is apparently driven by requirements from the UK's National Health Service.  Also, it's somewhat of an oversight on our part.  We have this for wAuth clients, but not radius - and most people use radius in combination with two-factor authentication.

We do some quick testing:

[9:07] <_markh_> Put "Verified credentials" in the filter box?
[9:07] <nowen> yes
[9:07] <_markh_> No result
[9:07] <nowen> set the time to be years
[9:08] <nowen> and make sure you don't have a space in front of Verified credentials
[9:08] <_markh_> Nothing.
[9:09] <_markh_> "Issued passcode" gives tokenids
[9:09] <nowen> hmm, try setting the log level to Debug
[9:09] <_markh_> Done that
[9:10] <nowen> ahh, ok. I bet it's because you're using radius
[9:10] <_markh_> Yes, we do.
[9:14] <nowen> ok, we'll have to add something to the code.  should be ready pretty soon.  what version are you running?

This conversation is all real-time too and markh is in the UK.  This internet thing might just work out after all!

[11:10] <_markh_> stop wikid, rpm -U ?
[11:11] <nowen> yes, you don't have to stop, but probably a good idea
[11:11] <nowen> you can back up the db too
[11:11] <nowen>  tar -czvf dbbackup.tar.gz /var/lib/pgsql/data/*
[11:14] <_markh_> OK
[11:14] <_markh_> wikid-server-enterprise-3.3.2-b2427
[11:15] <nowen> yep
[11:19] <_markh_> OK, that'll do
[11:20] <nowen> ok, now to get a parse-able text file, you can archive the files, which will create a zip file of text file.s
[11:20] <nowen> in /opt/WiKID/tomcat/webapps/WiKIDAdmin/logArchive/
[11:20] <nowen> it removes the entries from the DB, but that's good for performance
[11:26] <_markh_> Great. That looks ideal for us.  Is the second column a linux imestamp?
[11:30] <nowen> Java timestamp.  The number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970 i believe.
[11:31] <_markh_> Same thing.
[11:31] <nowen> :)
[11:32] <_markh_> Thanks for that, I'll point one of my devs. at it.
[11:32] <nowen> our pleasure
There you have it.  From feature request to upgrade in less than 3 hours. 


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