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VPN services leak info via IPv6

Earlier this year, we released a set of packer scripts that allow you to easily build a two-factor ready openvpn virtual appliance.  We have updated the scripts to turn off IPv6 because it seems that VPN services using Openvpn can leak information via IPv6.  (This was surely the easy fix. There may be better ones.)

Bridging Gunnar Gaps to create virtual circles

If you haven't read Gunnar Peterson's post Security, Fast and Slow, please do so now.  It is about how Security's natural tendencies grate the natural tendencies of Development.  Security needs to adapt to make it easier for Development to make the right decisions to bridges such gaps.  I now call these "Gunnar Gaps". 

New eGuide on Adding Two-factor Authentication to your Network

Multi-factor authentication is a key requirement for securing infrastructure, we have tried our best to make it less expensive and less of a headache for users and admins. We do a lot of work helping systems administrators integrate two-factor authentication. These efforts often involve supporting other products and we're ok with that. People ask us "Do you work with my VPN?" So we often produce tutorials on how to add two-factor authentication a specific product, like OpenVPN or a Cisco box or a Juniper UAC.

WiKID Systems Two-Factor Auth with F5 APM and VMware Horizon with View

Check out this great tutorial on adding WiKID two-factor authentication to an F5 APM for VMware View.

A whole bunch of new Check Point Tutorials

We have just completed a few new tutorials for Check Point. We used the Gaia Open Server R77 and the Smart Console. It's pretty slick, except for only running on Windows. Certainly better than the dated Java interface of the Cisco ASAs.

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