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Fingerprints spoofed with conductive ink

I am guessing that the FBI wishes this research had come out just a bit eerlier.  Researchers at Michigan State University have figured out how to use conductive ink to create fingerprint spoofs

Latest release pushes into Privileged Access Management

The 4.1 release of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server - Enterprise Edition includes the ability to use one-time passcodes for Active Directory accounts. We noted an increasing focus on privileged accounts.  Companies need these accounts to manage windows PCs and infrastructure.  Multiple  system admins need to have the credentials for them too.  So, organizations often have shared spreadsheets with credentials.  You can put them into a "password vault" but then there is still a password to the vault and an attacker that is already on the system can still perform a 'pass-the-hash' attack to escalate their privilege. 

Yet another reason to add two-factor authentication to your admin accounts

Seems like we just made the case for requiring two-factor authentication for Cisco Admins due to the SYNFul attack.  Now here's another one.

Why you need a stand-alone two-factor authentication server

We do a fair amount of testing and documentation for commercial and open-source VPNs (Cisco, SonicWall, Sophos, Checkpoint, etc, etc).  Increasingly, we see VPNs embedding some type of two-factor authentication into their product.   The idea is to make it simple to add 2FA to your VPN services, a laudable goal and perhaps sufficient for some small organizations.  So, when should you consider using a stand-alone service instead?

BSidesLV 2013 Video List

UPDATE:  It was pointed out that these are the videos for 2014. DUH.  Learn to read before rushing off to try to help. 

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