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VMware image for the Community Edition released

We have just released a VMware image of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server Community Edition.  While we have offered up the Enterprise version of our two-factor authentication server as a VMware image for some time, this is the first for the open-source community server.  The reason for the delay was Sun's restrictive licensing for thier JDK.   OpenJDK has made great strides recently and seems to do the job.  While I would hesistate to use it in a corporate production environment, it is a great way to test WiKID. 

Two-factor authentication for Web-application developers

We've done some re-arranging in the documentation area, creating  a special how-to section for adding two-factor authentication to Web-enabled applications.  Currently, we have:

WiKID Strong Authentication server adds support for SAML Single Sign-On Service for Google Apps

We've added built-in support for Google Apps For Your Domain SAML/SSO to the community edition of the WiKID Strong Authentication server.  It's a pretty slick way of adding two-factor authentication to Google's services.  While I'm a big fan of the cloud, I also like having control and two-factor authentication gives you a lot more confidence about who is accessing your information in the cloud. 

A Customer service story

You can see the long version in the IRC logs

WiKID software token for the Blackberry now on the BB App store

You can now download the WiKID Software Token for the Blackberry from the Blackberry App Store.  It's quite simple to download it without the app store app, but it was pretty simple to add it.  On the other hand, it is impossible to add software to the iPhone without going throught their app store and it is also seemingly impossible to get your software onto the iPhone app store. 

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