Enterprise Changelog


  • Fixes for AD self-registration scripts.
  • Removed $JAVA_HOME/bin/ from the keytool command for openjdk compatibility
  • Fix missing imports statements
  • Automatically delete registration codes when deleting the associated domain. - Fixes "unable to delete domain bug".
  • Catch integrity violation in dbmigrate11 that was preventing subsequent DB updates.
  • Added the ability to create pre-registration codes via the wClient API.

3.4.81-b676 - 3.4.85-b780

  • Fix broken Unicode in portuguese brazilian translation
  • make path to dpkg explicit
  • fix typo in build script
  • added %dir to /bin of the spec file for usogres inclusion
  • Update radserver jar (Fixes slow radius start bug)
  • Update build file to add wClient jar
  • Example for using wClient


  • Example 2-Factor app using wClient
  • fix lingering old ldap ports
  • New home for ruby client
  • Comment out dedicated domain code
  • make sure root owns the files
  • SRVTHREE-2 - Multiple pre-registration for a single token
  • Allow the same username across pre-registration domains and add domain column to display
  • Domains can be limited to locked, wireless or locked & wireless software tokens
  • Fix android wireless detection bug.
  • Fix a bug that equated the selection of wireless tokens to locked tokens.

3.4.87-b824 - 3.4.87-b839

  • Disable domain caching
  • correct oss/enterprise bracketing
  • Added the ability to create pre-registration codes via the wClient API (see example.jsp)

3.4.87-b839 - 3.4.87-b1092

  • Added the ability to create pre-registration codes via the wClient API.
  • Fix an issue where a null group name is converted to a string literal "null".
  • Allow overriding an existing pre-registration.
  • Fix a typo where missing quotes broke the jsp
  • Update example.jsp documentation
  • Fix an issue where a null values were converted to a string literal "null".
  • Throw an IllegalArgumentException if you try to set the userid to null
  • Make radius return non-string attribute values when appropriate.
  • Added a service script in /etc/WiKID/conf/templates
  • query they database to retrieve a full list of users for audit purposes
  • Fixed issue causing server to freeze occasionally, especially under replication
  • Fixed issue causing bad password attempts to not be counted properly
  • Add an API call to delete a device by ID
  • Added Reports

3.4.87-b1092 - 3.4.87-b1159

  • Edit Username after registration
  • Token Type listed in User Tab
  • Add note to user/token
  • Improved Radius start time
  • Client port restriction update
  • Allow multiple groups per user
  • Option to automatically re-enable users after certain time period
  • Schema update to support multiple group assignment and precedence.
  • Query the database to retrieve a full list of users for audit purposes

3.4.87-b1159- 3.4.87-b1169

  • Fixes bug when attempting to add a second software token to an existing user3.4.87-b1159- 3.4.87-b1169

3.4.87-b1169- 3.4.87-b1216

  • Disallow blank or null passwords for directory binds since this falls back to an anonymous bind and appears to succeed.
  • Catch exception other than NamingException in adregister2 example script.
  • Log4j db appender module for WiKID logging
  • Intellij IDEA module file for Android token
  • Set Content-Type to "" to get past mod_security.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixes bug when attempting to add a second software token to an existing user3.4.87-b1159- 3.4.87-b1169

3.4.87-b1216 - 3.5.0-b1342

  • Upgraded Tomcat to version 7
  • Add log4j to tomcat libs for clean shutdown
  • Fix for Sorting by Type & Last Activity on user page result in blank page
  • Run WiKID as non-Root user (wikid)
  • Updates to compile with gcc3
  • Release of 64-bit Utitilies RPM
  • Add new pre-registration mode for multi-server pre-registration
  • Better handling of various java installs
  • Fix for MD5 radius errors
  • Updated Radius plugin

3.5.0-b1342 - 3.5.0-b1352

  • Fixed EAPMD5 issue where the server would validate the passcode but client would still fail
  • Fix a bad registration code killing the wClient connection
  • Added the ability to update a users "note" via the API
  • Fixed valid OTP rejected after invalid OTP is given - radius only
  • Fixed issue with mutual https authentication

3.5.0-b1352 - 3.5.0-b1359

  • Enforce password complexity on WiKIDAdmin for PCI Compliance
  • Moved Registered URL to bottom. Added link explaining mutual https authentication.
  • Simplified radius config options.

3.5.0-b1359 - 3.5.0-b1373

  • Fix minor typo
  • Fix for radius config

3.5.0-b1373 - 3.5.0-b1403

  • Change text back to localhost.p12 and passphrase to match documentation
  • Remove weak SSL ciphers for PCI compliance

3.5.0-b1403 - 3.5.0-b1411

  • Disable unnecessary HTTP methods

3.5.0-b1411 - 3.5.0-b1421

  • Fix an issue where pre-registration codes were not visible

3.5.0-b1421 - 3.5.0-b1428

  • Update for handling CA cert expiration
  • Updated arch-setup code
  • Updated Utilities RPM - Please update both RPMs.

3.5.0-b1428 - 3.5.0-b1438

  • Set maxlength on radius secret to 128
  • comment out unneeded tac_plus build

3.5.0-b1438 - 3.5.0-b1472

  • Better logic for finding a JDK; also report launch errors in a better way
  • Updates to address ldap and sudo issues

3.5.0-b1472 - 3.5.0-b1542

  • Performance tuning for high-volume servers with a large number of users.
  • Make System.out logs dependent on the log4j setting
  • Fixed the 'null' note in edit user
  • Pagination and filters added to user page.
  • Improved user search. The overall user search function at the top is now a substring search.
  • Improved logging.
  • Pagination added to log page.

3.5.0-b1542 - 3.5.0-b1580

  • J2SE token checks for domain name changes.
  • Add user-token report with duplicates pre-fixed with DUP and case ignored.
  • Change "Passcode is not a number" to info level logging.
  • Added support.jar as an optional support data collector.
  • User count on home page is case-insensitive.

3.5.0-b1580 - 3.6.0-b1659

  • Fixed UI bug where domain name change didn't show in Users list
  • UI now shows Enabled/Disabled on Users list
  • Fixed bug where domain name change added a '+' for a space (requires 3.1.30 token)


  • Extend expiration of registered devices
  • Fixed bug in null user search
  • Improvements to support jar
  • Minor UI bug fixes

3.6.0-B1672 - 4.0-B1787

  • Added quick-start configuration option to command line
  • Moved to new Certificate and license management system
  • Certificate expiration and other warnings
  • Enabled Radius by default
  • Many small improvements

4.0-B1787 - 4.0-B1798

  • Bug fix for Blank page on Certificate Signing request page
  • Bug fix for quick-start setup and Cert upgrade process

4.0-B1798 - 4.0-B1803

  • Bug fix for error on Pre-registration page
  • Known issue: Your list of pre-registered users may not display. Export to see them or pre-register one user and they should display.

4.0-B1803 - 4.0.1-b1817

  • Bug fix for DB Connection errors/leaks that could lead to server freezes
  • Upgrade db drivers
  • Updates to loggers to remove poor warnings

4.0.1-b1817 - 4.0.1-b1821

  • Minor UI text changes to clarify new CA system
  • Fix for Select All button on User's tab

4.0.1-b1821 - 4.0.1-b1821

  • Minor UI text changes to clarify new CA system
  • Fix for Select All button on User's tab

4.0.1-b1817 - 4.0.1-b1905

  • Update to tomcat 8 - NB:  requires Java 8
  • Fix user counting for users with multiple device registrations.
  • Change certs to SHA256

4.0.1-b1905 - 4.0.1-b1906

    • Remove references to certs being emailed.

4.0.1-b1906 - 4.0.2-b1917

    • Fix User-agent mapping for Android/BlackBerry
    • Update last activity to include passcode requests
    • Update debian dependencies to require Java 8
Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance