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Latest FAQs
How can I install Oracle JDK 8 from the command line? May 25, 2015
Can I use WiKID for two-factor authentication for GDM/XDM/Gnome/KDE login? Jan 05, 2009
Will the WiKID token run on a USB Token? Jan 05, 2009
How can I configure WiKID to start automatically. Apr 03, 2014
I forgot the passphrase to my software token? How do I start over? Aug 14, 2014
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Latest Integration How-tos
How to add two-factor authentication to a Cisco ASA 5500 IPSec VPN Nov 04, 2015
How to add two-factor authentication to NPS Nov 15, 2010
How to configure the Untangle UTM for two-factor authentication Jul 09, 2015
How to configure Pam-radius in Ubuntu May 19, 2011
Pam Radius How to Dec 18, 2008
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Latest Installation How-tos
How to install the WiKID Strong Authentication Server ISO Nov 19, 2014
Use WiKID one-time passcodes in Active Directory Oct 13, 2015
How to move all your users to a new server Sep 24, 2015
How to upgrade your WiKID Strong Authentication server Dec 15, 2014
How to let users add themselves using AD credentials Aug 26, 2009
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Latest Links
How to secure WebDAV with SSL and Two-Factor Authentication Jan 05, 2009
How to configure OpenVPN to use WiKID Strong Authentication Jan 05, 2009
Securing X2Go On Ubuntu Precise With WiKID Two-Factor Authentication Jul 16, 2014
Using WiKID 2-Factor Authentication with Monowall Jan 05, 2009
Secure your SSH deployment with WiKID two-factor authentication Jan 05, 2009
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Latest Installation & API Manuals
How to install the WiKID Strong Authentication Server Jan 05, 2009
WiKID Network Client (wAuth) Protocol Documentation Mar 25, 2011
Cómo instalar el servidor de autenticación WiKID - Enterprise Edition Jan 05, 2009
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Latest Troubleshooting FAQ
How can I improve performance by cleaning up the database? Nov 21, 2014
How do I know if my certificate is valid? Jan 02, 2009
How can I set radius logging to debug? How can I see if WiKID is getting the radius requests? Mar 17, 2009
How can I test if the server is working correctly? Jan 02, 2009
How do I run the token in Debug mode? Mar 06, 2009
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Latest Tutorials
Build a 2FA-ready OpenVPN community virtual appliance Sep 16, 2014
How to configure Syslogging on the WiKID Two-factor authentication server Sep 12, 2014
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Latest Web Application How-tos
How to use WiKID in a JSP application Jan 02, 2009
How to add WiKID two-factor authentication to a Ruby application Jan 02, 2009
How to Add WiKID Two-factor Authentication to a PHP application Jan 02, 2009
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