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Please start with the Fine Manual!
WiKID Documentation Center - Including installation docs for the RPMS/Debs, ISO etc.  Quickstart guide, or our extensive list of  two-factor authentication  integration tutorials.
Documentation for the WiKID Strong Authentication System
Support forums - If you can't find us on #wikid, go here!
Got a quick question about the WiKID two-factor authentication system? Join the IRC channel and ask any questions you might have. **TIP: Don't just pop in and then leave. We might just be away for a bit. **
YouTube Videos on how to configure the WiKID Strong Authentication System
Our Big List of two-factor authentication tutorials
We've done a lot.  There are more at Howtoforge as well.
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How do I add two-factor auth?

Download a registration-free free eGuide on How to Add Two-factor Authentication to Your Network, complete with examples.

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