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img-pdf.png How to add two-factor authentication to your network - the eGuide
Over the years, we've helped hundreds of companies implement two-factor authentication. This eGuide describes the optimal configuration using examples incorporating Cisco, Juniper and PAM (and PAM on Ubuntu)with Active Directory for authentication via the Microsoft Radius plugin, NPS.

img-pdf.png WiKID Strong Authentication Technology White Paper V2.0
We've updated our technology white paper. If you have questions about WiKID download this white paper.

img-pdf.pngGuide to Evaluating Two-factor Authentication Systems
Look it's biased. Duh. But we cover what we see as the major items to consider when you're evaluating two-factor authentication and that's good information.

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How do I add two-factor auth?

Download a registration-free free eGuide on How to Add Two-factor Authentication to Your Network, complete with examples.

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