How it works

Two-factor Authentication drastically reduces the incidence of online identity theft, phishing expeditions, and other online fraud.


The WiKID Strong Authentication System uses strong asymmetric encryption to securely deliver one-time passcodes to software tokens running on PCs or smart phones. The public/private keys are generated on your devices - we never see or store them. Users can have more than one token on the same license and each token can work with multiple WiKID servers or domains.

  • Software-only tokens. No hardware tokens to manage/deliver/recover.
  • Server comes in RPMs or Debs for Linux or a user-friendly no-Linux knowledge needed software appliance version.
  • Download the server and install the tokens - test everything before you purchase!
  • Easy to use Web interface.
  • Supports all major networking authentication protocols and Google Apps SSO - it will work in your environment.
  • Users can register themselves based on existing trusted credentials - reducing workload.
  • WiKID is designed for cloud computing and multi-tenancy.
  • Much less expensive than other solutions

Will it work in my network?

Protocols. Yes.
How do we know? Because you said "Enterprise". Enterprise means that your networking and remote access solutions will support the proper protocols to interact with the WiKID Strong Authentication server. The server supports Radius, LDAP, and TACACS+ for networking equipment and SAML for SSO for Google Applications for your Domain. With our simple API, we can easily add support for many other applications, in the cloud or on the LAN. We recommend Radius for most enterprise deployments as it well supported and simple. Please see our specific tutorials on how to configure various systems for two-factor authentication. If yours is not mentioned, let us know!

White Papers

img-pdf.pngHow to add two-factor authentication to your network - the eGuide
Over the years, we've helped hundreds of companies implement two-factor authentication. This eGuide describes the optimal configuration using examples incorporating Cisco, Juniper and PAM (and PAM on Ubuntu)with Active Directory for authentication via the Microsoft Radius plugin, NPS.

img-pdf.png WiKID Strong Authentication Technology White Paper V2.0
We've updated our technology white paper. If you have questions about WiKID download this white paper.

img-pdf.pngGuide to Evaluating Two-factor Authentication Systems
Look it's biased. Duh. But we cover what we see as the major items to consider when you're evaluating two-factor authentication and that's good information.

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View our demos

Mutual Authentication

This is a demonstration of the WiKID PC Token client with Mutual Authentication enabled (Flash).

Initial Configuration of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server

This demonstration shows how easy it is to configure the WiKID server using the Web Administration Interface (Flash; part 1 of 2).

Adding a domain, network client and user to the WiKID Server

This is the second demonstration of how to configure the WiKID server. Here we set up a security domain,enable an online-banking website for two-factor authentication and manually validate a user (Flash; part 2 of 2).

Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance