Two-factor Authentication without the Hassle Factor

Easy to install and maintain, less expensive and ready for your network. Now even easier: Free for up to 5 users.

New: Free Two-factor authentication!

Get our feature-complete Enterprise two-factor authentication system free for up to 5 users. This is not cripple-ware - it's the same software that has reliably provided on-premises two-factor authentication for years to enterprises of all sizes for years. Run it on-premises or deploy it the cloud service of your choice.

You should consider WiKID if you want a self-hosted, affordable, scalable, highly reliable two-factor authentication solution with software tokens, simple user registration options, and a simple but powerful API (with LGPL samples available).

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Tell me more about WiKID

Unlike most tokens, which use shared secrets, WiKID uses public key cryptography. You can think of WiKID like PGP, but only PINs go to your server and only one-time passcodes are returned to the token. The two-factors are knowledge of the PIN and possession of the registered private key embedded in the token.

Between our support for standard authentication protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP and TACACS+, and our easy-to-use API, we know that WiKID will work in your environment.

See the Feature list for both the Enterprise Edition and the opensource Community Edition or view the complete architecture Slideshow.

For details on the encryption and other technical details, you can download our White Paper and other documents.

Will it work in my network?

YES. All remote access solutions support standard authentication protocols, especially RADIUS and so do we. If they don't support it directly, you can put it behind something that does. For example, RDP does not, but RDP gateway does. Wordpress does not, but Apache does.

While we recommend you use your equipment provider's documentation, we also provide a good number of tutorials for commercial and opensource solutions, including NPS, Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, PAM RADIUS, Apache and OpenVPN.

Are you wondering what's the best way to implement two-factor authentication in your corporate network? How to incorporate your directory - either Active Directory or LDAP for authorization while implementing one-time passcodes? See our registration-free pdf on adding two-factor authentication to your network.

Why no salespeople?

We like to focus on value-add. Not to say that good sales people don't add value, but we our focus is on product development, pre-sales engineering and support. The money we save we invest in the product and keeping the costs of two-factor authentication down.

The days of winning sales by having the best distribution are over. With our free-for-5 users approach, we are eliminating as much friction as possible in the sales cycle. You do not have to buy until after it is working in your environment. Then you only have to purchase a year's subscription. We have further reduced your risk and aligned our incentives: we both very much want a robust, trouble-free solution.

Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance