Registration Form (WiKID)

This form will register your WiKID HTML5 software token. Your registration code should be auto-populated in the WiKID Registration code field below. If it is not, you should start again here

This server is set up as "network client" to the WiKID server using the python network client, specifically the WiKID Plugin for Plone. Commmunication is encrypted using SSL.

In a production environment you could set up a page like this, protected by existing trusted credentials, such as Active Directory credentials (the WiKID server comes with such scripts) or existing hardware tokens or any other information.

Enter full name, eg. John Smith.
Enter a user name, usually something like 'jsmith'. No spaces or special characters. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, make sure the caps lock key is not enabled. This is the name used to log in.
Enter an email address if you want. We don't have any newsletters with which to spam you. If you uses a fake email, please make it funny. We respect your privacy, and will not give the address away to any third parties or expose it anywhere.
Enter your WiKID Registration Code from your Token
Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance