Download The WiKID Strong Authentication Server

Get two-factor authentication with the maximum amount of control over your environment. We have an ISO (based on Centos) that requires no linux knowledge - just create your appliance, give it IP and go. We also have RPMs and Debs for RedHat/Debian servers.

Submitting this form will take you directly to the download page for the Enterprise version of the WiKID Strong Authentication Server - Version - 3.5.0 RPMs & DEBS

Tell us what you are trying to protect in the comments and we'll try to give some guidance, then you'll know you're dealing with a human.

We are often available for help on #wikid on

The license agreement for the commercial Enterprise Server is available HERE. After download, the estimated install time is approximately 15 mins.

N.B.:  Upgraders please see the new instructions below! You need to create new certificates.

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Upgrade instructions:

To upgrade to this version,  download both the utilities and server rpm to the WiKID server and back up the database

# cd /root/
# tar -czvf dbbackup.tar.gz /var/lib/pgsql/data/*

If you are using a virtual server, then just take a snapshot or create a zip of the whole image.  Then upgrade the rpms:

# rpm -Uvh wikid-*

And restart WiKID:

# wikidctl restart

If you are upgrading from a pre-3.5.0-b1428 version of WiKID, you need to create all new certificates. Go to the WiKIDAdmin interface and head to the Configuration tab. Create a new Intermediate certificate and then a new localhost certificate. Restart the server.

# wikidctl restart

If you have any wAuth network clients, you need to delete them, recreate them and move the newly created certificate to your wAuth network client.

Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance