Features by Edition

WiKID is less expensive, easier to implement and maintain and far more extensible than existing two-factor authentication solutions while allowing you to maintain total control of your authentication processes.


Free two-factor authentication?

Free as in speech Free as in beer for up to 5 users

PC Tokens

Smart Phone tokens
Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
Integrations/Network Clients
Unlimited Unlimited
LDAP support
Google Apps SAML support
RADIUS All flavors
Ascend RADIUS Return Attributes
Cisco RADIUS Return Attributes
Microsoft RADIUS Return Attributes
Hardware tokens Too expensive!
Much hassle!
User self-registration
User Pre-registration
Multiple tokens per user (on the same license)
Groups management For radius  return attributes
API support LGPL licensed LGPL licensed
API calls secured by client certs
Reporting Users, domains, tokens Users, domains, tokens
Logging Web-UI and/or syslog Web-UI and/or syslog

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WiKID: Save Big on your Total Cost of Ownership
WiKID is significantly less expensive than hardware tokens. This table proves WiKID is 30-60% less expensive for as few as 100-250 users!
WiKID vs. Key fob tokens - more details on cost savings
WiKID is significantly less expensive than other forms of two-factor authentication for most user populations. It is important to include *all* the costs involved in deploying and maintain a two-factor deployment.
Strong Authentication for the Internet Age
Today, you need strong authentication not just for your users, but also potentially for customers, vendors, consultants, partners, etc. WiKID is the only strong authentication system capable of handling all these situatations, gracefully and securely.
WiKID's Self-service & Ease of Deployment capabilities
WiKID Systems is devoted to reducing costs while increasing security. The best way to reduce cost in a corporate environment is to minimize the time and effort wasted on non-productive tasks. WiKID is the only strong authentication system capable of a 100% self-service deployment.
Operational Benefits of WiKID Strong Authentication
One of the reasons why two-factor authentication has failed to deeply penetrate the authentication market is due to the operational hassles of hardware tokens. WiKID Systems has eliminated the largest aggravations in deploying, managing and using strong authentication. By enabling employee self-service to the fullest extent possible, deploying WiKID Strong Authentication is easy, cost-effective and secure.
Relative Security of the WiKID Strong Authentication System
There are many flavors of two-factor authentication, some more secure than others. We believe that relative security is a central factor in choosing a strong authentication solution. While cost savings, extensibility and manageability are important, a two-factor authentication system must provide the level of security your assets and risks require.
Extensible Strong Authentication
Unlike key fobs and other forms of "shared secret" strong authentication, WiKID Strong Authentication is extremely extensible and adaptable to today's authentication needs
Ever since deploying WiKID, we  have  secured our Production systems from unauthorized access and maintained PCI compliance