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Two-factor authentication in a simple software appliance. Requires no linux knowledge. The fastest way to two-factor authentication.

We recommend 40 gigs of drive space, 2 gigs  of memory, and 2 nic cards. (Or one if you intend to NAT the server.)  Select Red Hat 32-bit for your virtual image.  N.B.: For VMWare, use  LSI SCSI disks and E1000 legacy ethernet connections. We highly recommend you not run the server on HyperV, unless you are familiar with running Centos and Linux on it.  We have no HyperV experience to support you.  If you insist, know that this iso is based on Centos and there seem to be known issue..  Please see this page for a fix for the "kernel panic" issue in Hyper-V.

We are often available for help on #wikid on

The license agreement for the commercial Enterprise Server is available HERE. After download, the estimated install time is approximately 15 mins.

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N.B.: You may get an error that you can safely ignore:

You need to implement a remote task_setrlimit in your security module
and call it directly from this functionWARNING: at
security/security.c:51 security_ops_task_setrlimit()...

It is a known issue and does not affect the WiKID server.

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How do I add two-factor auth?

Download a registration-free free eGuide on How to Add Two-factor Authentication to Your Network, complete with examples.

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